Cardano 2020: What You NEED To Know❗️❗️

Published on May 21, 2022

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰ 1:13 Hydra Publication 4:29 Byron Reboot 5:43 Haskell Shelley Mainnet Launch 8:20 Cardano Staking & Requirements 10:25 What Users must Do 12:14 Partnerships & Collaberation 14:30 Focuses for 2020 & Beyond 18:35 Conclusion

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📝 Hydra Update 📝

The Hydra solution could potentially process over one million transactions every second. The intention here is to gradually scale the proof-of-stake consensus as the project continues to gain users.

Through the Hydra solution, stake pool heads can handle up to 1,000 transactions per second. As more heads are added, performance scales accordingly.

⚙️ Bryron Reboot ⚙️

The Byron update is a mainnet upgrade on the Cardano network. This update will aid in the transition over to the Shelley release. The primary purpose of the reboot is to add in the wallet backend integration for the Haskell mainnet release.

The update will also include fast-sync functionality, which allows users to sync their blockchains quickly.

There are also some new user interface features that will be included in the reboot, but Hoskinson did not mention anything specific so we are left to wonder on that.

🖥 Shelley Mainnet 🖥

This is an update to the Cardano platform that will give users the ability to stake their ADA. This update will move the project from a centralized and federated network to a completely decentralized one.

That means users can take part in network consensus, either by staking their ADA , or running their own stake pool if they want. Based on current projections, the staking return is estimated to be about 10% per year.

Cardano’s Proof-of-Stake network aims to significantly lower the point of entry barriers that exist with other digital coins.

Minimal requirements are needed:

  • 4 GB RAM
  • IP4 address
  • 1 GB of bandwidth

🤝 Partnerships & Developments 🤝

Cardano has partnered with the National Agency of Project Management of Uzbekistan. Technically, the partnership was formed with Emurgo, which is Cardano’s commercialization arm.

Emurgo will provide consulting to the Uzbekistan government, focusing on specific projects or industries which will use blockchain technology.

Cardano has entered into is with PWC. PwC is aiding Cardano by supporting the project on the commercial side to drive interest and adoption of the platform.

🎁 Brand Refresh 🎁

The end goal of this refresh is to create a brand that aligns more effectively with the objectives and mission of the Cardano project.

McCann Dublin, the agency chosen to perform this refresh, will analyze the existing brand, then begin to create a redesign that is more in keeping with the brand’s value proposition and essence.

This is an effort to drive Cardano adoption while making the project future-proof. Brand is a key factor in growth, and as more blockchain projects enter the marketplace, Cardano wants to do everything it can to set itself apart.


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Cardano Crypto

Cardano Crypto, Cardano 2020: What You NEED To Know❗️❗️.

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Cardano 2020: What You NEED To Know❗️❗️, Search latest complete videos about Cardano Crypto.

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