Cardano is HOT NOW: ADA 50x Potential?? ?

Published on April 22, 2022

Interesting replays top searched Credit Cards With Bad Credit, Interest Rate Comparison, 3 Free Credit Scores, Commercial Loans, and Cardano Crypto, Cardano is HOT NOW: ADA 50x Potential?? ?.

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📝 Cardano Overview 📝

It is an open-source smart contract platform that is focused on peer-review and scientific study.

Being a smart contract platform means is that developers will be able to build dApps on the Cardano blockchain in much the same way that they can do on Ethereum, EOS, Tezos etc.

The blockchain uses proof of stake consensus method called Ouroboros. It is completely unique and was developed exclusively for Cardano. It is a Byzantine Fault Tolerant

Cardano is being developed by a company called IOHK which was founded by Charles Hoskinson. You also then have Emurgo which is focused on the business end.

For development, Cardano uses a pretty slow yet methodical academic approach that relies on peer review.

💭 Shelley Update 💭

The Shelley mainnet will see the first full roll out of the Ouroboros consensus mechanism as well as the staking functionality. Since earlier this year the team has slowly been rolling out different stages on the Shelley Incentivised Testnet

There is a full rollout schedule for Shelley and the target for the Mainnet launch is the 30th of June.

Shelley is a big deal as it will mean that users will be able to stake on a live Mainnet of Ada.

📈 Cardano Staking 📈

You will either be able to run a staking pool or you will be able to delegate your Ada to a staking pool for them to stake on your behalf.

Cardano will have separate keys for spending and for staking. This means that if you are going to be staking on Cardano, the Ada will never have to leave your wallet.

There are a number of variables that will determine the amount of returns that you will earn when staking Ada:

  • Staking participation rate (the higher the lower the returns)
  • The operators reward percentage (the higher the lower the returns)
  • Stake pool performance (Those that perform well have higher returns)

Based on default settings on the calculator, one can expect about 10% staking return. If, however, we were to assume a staking participation of closer to 80% like Tezos then we will have 4%.

The best estimate for participation is about 50% which would bring staking returns to about 7%. So the best estimate for the range of staking returns is between 7 and 10%.

🤔 Impact on Price 🤔

Price is likely to follow adoption and use cases. As a third generation blockchain, the more developers that are building on it, the more valuable the protocol becomes.

Ada has a fixed supply. There are only ever going to be 45 billion Ada. There is currently 31 billion Ada outstanding which means that the remaining 14 billion will be issued as staking returns.

There is currently also a lot of demand going into the Shelley launch as people want to stock up on ADA in order to start staking their returns.

You also have the potential for ADA to be listed on Coinbase Pro. This has been teased in the past but for some reason has always missed a listing. With a Shelley launch there could be renewed interest from the exchange to list the asset.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

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Cardano Crypto

Cardano Crypto, Cardano is HOT NOW: ADA 50x Potential?? ?.

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