DigiByte Core vs Litecoin Core transactions + Confirmation speeds

Published on July 17, 2022

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After a discussion on Twitter with HelloUncleDonny, they swore black and blue that DigiByte was slower than Litecoin:

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What we can see in this video is the “0-conf” transaction broadcast between the two wallets arriving at the same speed for Litecoin + DigiByte (To be expected) but then the block timings of DigiByte really come in to play
DigiByte has 15 second block target times
Litecoin has 150 second block target times (2.5 minutes)

I hope this puts to rest the speed difference of Litecoin vs DigiByte for our friend HelloUncleDonny

How Fast Are Litecoin Transactions

How Fast Are Litecoin Transactions, DigiByte Core vs Litecoin Core transactions + Confirmation speeds.

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DigiByte Core vs Litecoin Core transactions + Confirmation speeds, Search most searched videos related to How Fast Are Litecoin Transactions.

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