Ethereum MAJOR Upgrade | Explained

Published on May 27, 2022

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The Ethereum upgrade with the Beacon Chain merge is coming soon:
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The goal of this upgrade is going to be to make Ethereum more efficient and more sustainable. The Ethereum main net that we’re using today which is based on proof of work is going to merge with the Beacon Chain.

The Beacon Chain is another parallel network that’s running alongside the “main net” one but it’s using the new Proof of stake consensus model. Picture this as like Ethereum is about to attach a huge rocket boost thruster that’s powered by anti matter that’s going to send it to the moon.

June of this year (possibly July) but no one knows 100% for sure.

If you own some Ethereum, here is how you upgrade – you don’t. You don’t have to move your coins anywhere to upgrade them, you don’t have to do anything on your end if you’re someone who just holds Ethereum – our user experience of Ethreum is going to stay exactly the same. The single biggest change is a change to the “consensus model” from proof of work, to proof of stake.

The more you are “staked” or “invested” by locking up Ethereum, the more voting power you have. So Instead of using miners to validate transactions, it’s going to be the people with staked Ethereum that become the “validators”.

Anyone can become a validator by staking 32 Ethereum. As of right now that costs roughly $110,000.

You are rewarded an annual interest rate for locking up your coins. The current yearly interest or APR is 4.7% and that number will most likely continue going down as more and more people stake. These rewards are given out roughly every six and a half minutes which is a period of time known as an epoch. When 2/3rds of validators agree that the transactions all match on the distributed ledger that is public for all computers to see, the block gets finalized and all the transactions inside the block are then approved.

It’s safer, more decentralized, and 99% more efficient from carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

Watch the video to find out!

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Ethereum Bitcoin

Ethereum Bitcoin, Ethereum MAJOR Upgrade | Explained.

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Ethereum MAJOR Upgrade | Explained, Watch most searched complete videos about Ethereum Bitcoin.

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