How to Prepare for Mining After Ethereum 2.0 (Do THIS before ETH 2.0)

Published on May 31, 2022

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In this video I go through everything you can do before ETH 2.0 in order to be prepared and make sure your crypto mining operation is as profitable as possible after Ethereum 2.0. As we know, Ethereum mining will come to an end at some point soon when the Ethereum network will move from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, in an implementation called Ethereum 2.0. As miners, we need to be prepared for this to make sure our mining rigs are still profitable. We go through what GPUs to buy for mining after ETH 2.0 and what GPUs you should sell before Ethereum 2.0. We talk about how to increase your mining efficiency and reducing your power consumption to be more profitable mining after ETH2.0. We talk about why focusing on efficiency might be better than higher hashrate, and because of this you might want to change your overclock settings. I hope that after watching this video you will feel more prepared than ever for mining after Ethereum 2.0!

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Guide for reducing power consumption:

What to mine after ETH 2.0:

Mining profits after ETH 2.0:

How to overclock:

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Nvidia GPUs:
My favourite risers:
Motherboard I use:
Different motherboard I like:
850W power supply:
1200W power supply:
My favourite GPUs (1660 Super):
GPUs I want (3070):
GPUs I REALLY want (3080):
Plug 4 risers into one PCIe slot with this:
Mini touchscreen:
Camera I use:
Camera I want:
Camera I really want:
Vlogging lens I use:
Vlogging lens I want:
Photo lens I use:
Zoom lens I want:
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00:00 What to do for mining after Ethereum 2.0
01:06 When is Ethereum 2.0
01:58 How to be prepared for mining after ETH 2.0
02:16 Why your mining rigs should be paid off before ETH 2.0
03:18 Getting a crypto hardware wallet before ETH 2.0 is smart because…
04:39 Efficient GPUs are better than high hashrate graphics cards
05:59 Change the overclock settings on your GPUs like this for mining after ETH 2.0
07:00 Lower the power consumption of your mining rig like this…
07:38 Sell your GPUs before ETH 2.0 if…
08:50 Get this kind of electricity contract
10:36 Learn how to mine different coins for after Ethereum 2.0

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Can Ethereum Be Mined

Can Ethereum Be Mined, How to Prepare for Mining After Ethereum 2.0 (Do THIS before ETH 2.0).

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How to Prepare for Mining After Ethereum 2.0 (Do THIS before ETH 2.0), Enjoy more reviews related to Can Ethereum Be Mined.

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