IOTA Coin 2021: Why I Invested $600 in IOTA Cryptocurrency!

Published on May 3, 2022

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Iota Coin 2021: So I recently invested $600 into the Iota cryptocurrency. In this video, we are going to take a quick look at my personal position. Look at what is Iota and its mission. After that, we look at some reason why I invested in Iota. The Iota coin is ahead of its time when it comes to innovation. With them having the first Tangle DLT type protocol for cryptocurrency to be validated on. Iota uses directed acyclic graph (DAG) while other protocols are using Blockchains still. As
we understand how the world is changing, you start to understand different uses cases of cryptos.
I see the Iota Coin being a major with enabling m2m transactions and the IoT industry!

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(0:00) Intro
(1:16) My Personal Iota Position
(3:27) What is Iota?
(9:56) Why I invested in Iota cryptocurrency.
(11:25) Closing Thoughts

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Buy IOTA Cryptocurrency, IOTA Coin 2021: Why I Invested $600 in IOTA Cryptocurrency!.

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