IOTA FutureProof #5: Digital Assets & the IOTA Token Economy – Dan Simerman

Published on June 8, 2022

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FutureProof is a series of webinars that show how the Internet of Things and Distributed Ledger Technologies enable new ways of doing business.

In our fifth session of FutureProof, our Head of Financial Relations, Dan Simerman introduces you to the concept of digital assets. He guides you through different types of digital assets that exist today, what differentiates them from each other and the sources of value they rely on. Using the example of the IOTA Token, he discusses new business solutions enabled by digital assets and how they relate to the development of the IOTA Token economy as a whole. Dan’s presentation is followed by an interactive round of Q&A.

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IOTA Token

IOTA Token, IOTA FutureProof #5: Digital Assets & the IOTA Token Economy – Dan Simerman.

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IOTA FutureProof #5: Digital Assets & the IOTA Token Economy – Dan Simerman, Enjoy top full length videos relevant with IOTA Token.

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