Mike Green: The Core Case Against Bitcoin

Published on July 24, 2022

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This is your chance to benefit from an exchange of ideas between two brilliant modern thinkers. Mike Green, chief strategist and portfolio manager at Simplify Asset Management, is a well-known Bitcoin bear. On the other hand, Robert Breedlove, founder of the “What Is Money?” podcast, is one of its most vehement proponents. Their disagreements originate from deeper convictions surrounding the proper methods of organizing society and the economy: Laissez-Faire versus centrally planned. Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington moderates this fiery debate between Breedlove and Green on the roles of money and the state. The discussion begins on Bitcoin and weaves into larger political and socio-economic topics within which Bitcoin could play a significant role. Recorded on January 7, 2022.

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Breedlove vs. Green: Hard Money, Bitcoin, and Political Failings
The Interview – Crypto | Ash Bennington, Robert Breedlove & Mike Green

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Against Bitcoin

Against Bitcoin, Mike Green: The Core Case Against Bitcoin.

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Mike Green: The Core Case Against Bitcoin, Play most searched explained videos about Against Bitcoin.

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Since of the abuses in our present system, Bitcoin has established a momentum. That momentum is developing into a manifest destiny. That fate is that it will take its place along with nationwide currencies as the real life reserve currency.

Like Simon & Garfunkel, financiers getting in the gold market around 2001 have actually also scored a blockbuster. Considering that then – rather simply – gold has actually carried out in magnificent style. Even in 2008, when worries of a worldwide financial disaster drove virtually every asset class into the ground, gold alone held its relative worth, really increasing that year by practically 5%.

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