NEO 3.0 Mainnet Launch – Will We Rally?

Published on April 29, 2022

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Ever since the crash back in May we’ve seen astronomical returns on some cryptos (Link, XTZ, ETC, ETH) if we managed to catch the bottom. Coin after coin seems to be popping up & I’ve got my eyes on NEO now.

In this video I go over the technical reasons as to why I think NEO is bullish. There’s a lot of reasons, you should probably watch the video.

On top of the chart we have a fundamental event which might give provide a cherry on top of our metaphorical cake. Mainnets can either flop or blast, considering that the chart is currently looking good in this point in time I’m going to put my money on a possible run to the upside. Will it happen? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Is Neo Cryptocurrency Dead

Is Neo Cryptocurrency Dead, NEO 3.0 Mainnet Launch – Will We Rally?.

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NEO 3.0 Mainnet Launch – Will We Rally?, Play latest replays related to Is Neo Cryptocurrency Dead.

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