NEO | Chico Calls Malcolm Out On?? The Tough Questions!! $NEO $ONT $ELA

Published on July 26, 2022

Popular un-edited videos top searched Suitable Business Loans, Credit After Bankruptcy, and Is Neo Cryptocurrency Dead, NEO | Chico Calls Malcolm Out On?? The Tough Questions!! $NEO $ONT $ELA.

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It’s the MOST ANTICIPATED crypto interview of the year, the one all the NEO Smart Econonmy Fans have been WAITING for!! It’s CHICO CRYPTO vs MALCOLM LERIDER R&D Manager for the NEO blockchain. Does Malcolm lay to rest Tyler’s reservations about the project? Or is Tyler going to DUMP his NEO coins now? Tune in to find out all the JUICY details!!

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00:50 Does NEO Still have dominance over Ethereum in China?
02:28 How are The NEO Games Using Blockchain Tech?
03:59 What is Your Favorite NEO Game?
04:32 What Are The Benfits of NEO over Ethereum, besides TPS?
06:48 Is NEO Going To Fork??
09:21 Is NEO 3.0 Dropping dBFT Consensus?
10:16 Is Honey Badger BFT Being Researched and Looked Into?
11:11 What Is Up With Your Beef With Vitalik Buterin?
13:42 Do You See Fiat and Cryptocurrency Working Together? Chinese RMB on NEO?
15:08 What Exaclty is Da Hongfei’s and Erik Zhang’s Role with NEO?
16:19 Is Their Beef Between Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang?
17:44 How Does Voting Work With NEO on Github?
19:08 How Long Until NEO Holders Can Vote? Consensus Nodes and Other Decisions?
21:45 What Is The Status of Cooperation With High Performance Blockchain $HPB?
22:50 What Is Happening With NEOX?
23:52 Will The NEOX Proof of Concept Be Down With Ontology?
24:05 What is The Status of NEOFS and NEOQS
24:56 Who Is The Russian Team Working on NEOFS?
25:18 Whats Up With Projects Leaving The NEO Blockchain?
26:17 Did These Projects Just Use NEO As An ICO Launching Platform?
27:19 Why Couldn’t These Project Use NEO?
27:48 Are The Leaving Projects Going To Make Higher TPS Blockchains Than NEO?
28:48 Are These Projects Genius’s At Blockchain? How Are They Coming Up With Revolutionary Consensus Algorithms?
Articles Mentioned In Question:
30:51 How NEO Smart Contracts Are Superior To Other Smart Contracts?
33:07 Is The Byte Code Compiler Is The Same For Each Language?
33:47 What Makes The NEO Virtual Machine Better Than Ethereum Virtual Machine?
–Erik Zhang Explaining The Benefits–
34:53 Erik Zhang Coming On The Chico Channel For An Interview?
35:37 Are You Being Paid In NEO or Gas?
36:02 dAPPS Between NEO and Ontology, Are They Competitors?
39:36 Is Da Hongfei Still A Part Of Onchain?
40:41 Is Ontology Just NEO With Consensus Tweaks?
42:30 What Happened To The G3 Alliance Between Bitmain and Elastos $ELA?
44:39 What Are You Most Excited About For NEO’s Future?
46:16 Has NEO Thought About Sponsoring E-Sports?
47:06 Is NEO Looking Into Gambling dAPPs?
49:35 Is NEO Looking For A Decentralized Oracle System Like Chainlink $LINK??
50:33 Closing Comments: Will Malcolm Be Back??

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Is Neo Cryptocurrency Dead

Is Neo Cryptocurrency Dead, NEO | Chico Calls Malcolm Out On?? The Tough Questions!! $NEO $ONT $ELA.

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