THE BIG NEO (NEO) DEBATE!!! IS THE NEO CRYPTO WORTH BUYING!?? Cryptocurrency Analysis 2020

Published on October 29, 2020

New un-edited videos top searched Low Rate Business Loans, Cashback Credit Card, Have a Business Plan, Best Business Banking Account, and Buying Neo Cryptocurrency, THE BIG NEO (NEO) DEBATE!!! IS THE NEO CRYPTO WORTH BUYING!?? Cryptocurrency Analysis 2020.

NEO (NEO) has had a LOT of controversy surrounding it lately. There’s been good news, bad news, positive sentiment, bad sentiment, and more!!! It’s HUGELY debatable, and overall, the community consensus for NEO, Flamingo Finance, and even NEO 3.0 and beyond are still negative. It seems NEO has a LOT to prove before changing some opinions. Somehow, it’s still in the top 25 for the market cap!

NEO has been going through a lot of changes lately. There’s been a lot of mixed sentiment and changing factors with news and fundamental analysis that sort of begs the question of whether or not NEO (NEO) is still worth investing in? Is it a good investment for 2020 and 2021? Let’s talk about it in this video!

NEO is known as the “Chinese Ethereum”, so with the slew of news about regulations for crypto and blockchain for China, is NEO likely to succeed? The former Antshares seems like it has a lot going for it. There’s a new DeFi protocol from Flamingo Finance that will hopefully integrate a lot of various DeFi services all into one! Is it going to be successful?

Let’s look at NEO analysis, a lot of the fundamental news, and other potential red flags and things to look at. We’ll look at the technical analysis on the chart set up as well and discuss where it might go, what the supports & resistances are, price targets, etc.

There’s been plenty of NEO news to help with our NEO crypto coin analysis and price predictions. Let’s look at it all in this video. Bullish on NEO? Think the price will go up based off of the news analysis?? Post your predictions and comments below!!!

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NEO Flamingo Finance Attracts $1.6B in TVL for DeFi Swiss Army Knife


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The content in this video is my own personal opinion which I have made from my own personal analysis. The views are my own beliefs. Always be cautious when investing in cryptocurrencies. This should not be treated as financial advice. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.


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Buying Neo Cryptocurrency

Buying Neo Cryptocurrency, THE BIG NEO (NEO) DEBATE!!! IS THE NEO CRYPTO WORTH BUYING!?? Cryptocurrency Analysis 2020.

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THE BIG NEO (NEO) DEBATE!!! IS THE NEO CRYPTO WORTH BUYING!?? Cryptocurrency Analysis 2020, Find more high definition online streaming videos about Buying Neo Cryptocurrency.

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