UPDATE Litecoin Price Analysis October 2020 | LTC Jumps 8% in Two Days

Published on June 4, 2022

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The Litecoin price has been on a rapid rise this week from the $41.50 support level. In fact, investors have been watching in awe as LTC jumps 8% in two days, and is now trading above $50. Hence, Litecoin has successfully overcome the strong resistance zone around $48.90. And from the looks of things, this trend is nowhere near finished quite yet.

The Litecoin analysis is showing very strong bullish momentum, and analysts suggest the price may even reach up to $65. However, for the moment, the next Litecoin price target the bulls are aiming for is $58.80, where they are bound to see some resistance.

But as pointed out, with the current momentum, that shouldn’t be too big of a hurdle. And with that in mind, the remainder of the Litecoin October forecast for the most part entails further gains.

Stay tuned for our full Litecoin October forecast and find out where the cryptocurrency is likely to be headed over the next few weeks. And if you have your own Litecoin price prediction, please let us know in the comments!

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Are Litecoins Worth It

Are Litecoins Worth It, UPDATE Litecoin Price Analysis October 2020 | LTC Jumps 8% in Two Days.

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UPDATE Litecoin Price Analysis October 2020 | LTC Jumps 8% in Two Days, Play top complete videos related to Are Litecoins Worth It.

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