XRP and Ripple: the SEC lawsuit explained

Published on May 1, 2022

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As the world of cryptocurrency broke out of its incipient stages, a name showed promise: XRP. Now, it’s making news for all the wrong reasons. Prominent asset managers in cryptocurrency have severed ties with XRP, and its value has plummeted.
Also, Ripple, a company frequently associated with XRP, faces a lawsuit that could seal its future. Authorities have placed the magnifying glass on Ripple and XRP, and the world has noticed.
While some people might say it’s just another example of the unstable world of cryptocurrencies, this story goes further. So, in this episode of Company Forensics, we’ll dive into XRP, Ripple, and how one of the promises for the future went on a downward spiral.

0:00 XRP – Intro
0:55 XRP – The origins
2:37 XRP – Success and growth
3:59 XRP – Is it a cryptocurrency?
5:45 XRP – The SEC sues and debates follow
7:32 XRP – XRP plummets

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Ripple Cryptocurrency Explained

Ripple Cryptocurrency Explained, XRP and Ripple: the SEC lawsuit explained.

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XRP and Ripple: the SEC lawsuit explained, Find top full videos relevant with Ripple Cryptocurrency Explained.

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