XRP Ripple news today 🚨 "Bulletproof" Order ELIMINATES SEC Appeal, Deaton: Settlement w/in 90 Days?

Published on June 29, 2022

Best full length videos relevant with Online Banks, Mortgage Loan Modification, New Business Loans, and Cryptocurrency News Ripple, XRP Ripple news today 🚨 "Bulletproof" Order ELIMINATES SEC Appeal, Deaton: Settlement w/in 90 Days?.

XRP Ripple news today (4/12) 🚨 “Bulletproof” Order ELIMINATES SEC Appeal, Deaton: Settlement w/in 90 Days of Torres Reaffirming Netburn, This Week in Congress & Crypto

XRP Ripple news today:
► This Week in Congress & Crypto
► Ripple’s DPP Win Bigger Than Imagined?
► No Way the DPP Will Be Disturbed
► Settlement w/in 90 Days of Torres Reaffirming Netburn



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Ron Hammond: This Week in Congress & Crypto


Deaton to Terrett: SEC is “very unlikely” to turn over the documents ordered by Judge Netburn and believes a settlement should take place within 90 days of Judge Torres affirming Netburn’s decision

00:00 Intro
00:58 Crypto Market Update
02:03 This Week in Congress & Crypto
06:23 Ripple’s DPP Win Bigger Than Imagined?
07:50 No Way the DPP Will Be Disturbed
10:06 Settlement w/in 90 Days of Torres Reaffirming Netburn
10:46 Closing thoughts


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Cryptocurrency News Ripple

Cryptocurrency News Ripple, XRP Ripple news today 🚨 "Bulletproof" Order ELIMINATES SEC Appeal, Deaton: Settlement w/in 90 Days?.

Finest Time To Trade The Currency Market

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XRP Ripple news today 🚨 "Bulletproof" Order ELIMINATES SEC Appeal, Deaton: Settlement w/in 90 Days?, Play top reviews related to Cryptocurrency News Ripple.

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